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I have tried in my way to be free

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

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Birthdate:Jul 13

here i am;
Still figuring things out. Friendly; caring; open-minded; empathetic; sensitive; opinionated; stubborn; neurotic; self-conscious, at times self-loathing; pessimistic; cynical; shy; outgoing; lost. Different in different situations with different people. A walking contradiction.

Likes and Interests.
writing; prose; poetry; music; psychology; philosophy; sociology; politics; solitude; heart-to-hearts; quiet evenings with loved ones; animals; activism; respectful discussions; learning; fall; unconventionality; creativity; open-minded folks.

bigotry and intolerance; xenophobia; homophobia; racism; ageism; speciesism; insensitivity; misogyny; gossip; meanness; judgmental people; Canadian winter; clubs.

shows, movies, obsessions;
anderson cooper; breaking bad; fight club; house m.d.; the L word; mad men; misha collins; queer as folk (us); southland; supernatural; white collar .

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Journal title is from Leonard Cohen's Bird on a Wire.
Journal subtitle from Johnny Cash's I Walk the Line.
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