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I'm too upset to be coherent right now, but, in a nutshell, this feels like the end of an era. This show, and Castiel's character, has meant so much to me. To watch it turn into this is more painful than I can hope to articulate. I know some people enjoyed the plot that was introduced at the end of season 6, and I don't mean to rain on your parade -- I'm happy that you liked it, and I hope that you continue to do so. Unfortunately, that's not how I feel (believe me, I wish I did), and my reaction to current developments is largely negative.

Good things about this ep:

• Misha's superb acting skills. 3 distinct characters in one episode, flawlessly portrayed. And his manic laughter/grin? Really fucking creepy.
• God!Cas proclaiming sexual orientation is irrelevant.
• TV!Lady referring to God!Cas as "young" and "sexy."
• Sam willing to put some effort into saving his friend, rather than just kill him off. This is a little contradictory to how he stabbed him in the back with an angel sword in 6.22, but I'll let go of my bitterness over that. Eventually.
• Mark A/Crowley!
• Mark P/Lucifer! So good to see him after all this time. I thought his talent and character were majorly underused in season 5, so it's good to have him for a couple more episodes.
• Death. Though it baffles me that he hasn't killed everyone.

Awful, atrocious things:

• Everything else.
• Can those hell flashbacks stop? The special effects budget doesn't let them pull it off. It'd be much more powerful if they stopped trying to show it to us.
• Dean. You patronizing, self-righteous, cold-hearted asshole. So fucking willing to kill your "best friend." You weren't even considering an alternative. For fuck's sake, Death was the one to offer you get the souls out of Cas. "Kill him now!" pretty much throughout the whole episode. This is the being who pulled you and your brother out of hell, betrayed his family for you, died twice for you, helped you avert the apocalypse, and you've treated him like your personal doormat for the past year. You showed absolutely no concern or care for him; even towards the end, when it looked like you maybe gived an iota that your friend was dead, you had to ruin everything by proclaiming "Cas, you child, why didn't you listen to me?" I just... can't even get over this condescending, self-serving statement. Free will means squat when it isn't your will being obeyed to, huh? This, of course, is only echoing your behaviour and statements in the last 3 episodes of season 6, but it's only getting more infuriating. You did not take any responsibility for anything that happened, and you were an ass even when Cas was on the cusp of death. I'm not sure why this whole point is in second person. I guess I'm that enraged.
• For a moment, there, I actually believed Cas was saved and they were going to make it through. Then, of course, it turns out that Cas is dead, and Leviathan has taken over. Well, fuck you. I want Cas. Also, it really bothered me how Cas kept apologizing that whole scene. He certainly has plenty to apologize for, but he shouldn't be the only one taking responsibility for how things played out.
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